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In a time when division, conflict, and disconnection seem to dominate our collective consciousness, group meditation offers a powerful antidote - an opportunity to come together, unify our energies, and make a positive impact in the world.


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Our mission

  • To revolutionize meditation by shifting it from an individual experience to a transformative collective practice

  • To make meditation easily accessible in schools, at the workplace, within couples, families and communities

  • To empower groups with inner strength and clarity, enabling them to channel their collective experiences into tangible positive actions that create a lasting impact in the world.

Meet Tati, the founder

Hello friends,

First of all, thank you for being here.


I happen to be a human being (just like you), who has been around for 34 years in pursuit of a better, more just, and balanced humanity. Throughout my journey, which has taken me to over 60 countries, I embarked on a quest to explore the breathtaking beauties and the various complex realities that our planet has to offer. Today, as I reflect upon my experiences and the wisdom gained from my travels, I realize that the most extraordinary jewels of life are not found in external landscapes, but within the depths of our own being - it is within each of us that the seeds of change and the capacity for a better world reside.


I dream of a world where the whole of humanity embark on a collective journey of self-discovery and transformative action, and create a future where the radiance of the human heart and mind illuminates the Earth in its entirety. I started my journey with meditation more than a decade ago. This practice has profoundly and completely transformed my life. Through the stillness of my mind and the connection to my inner self, I have discovered a world of peace, clarity, and compassion. It is through this transformative experience that my purpose crystallized—to make the benefits of meditation available to all who seek inner transformation and a desire to make the world a better place.

Driven by this vision, I strive to inspire you to embark on your own inner journey, and to bring others along with you. I am not a guru or a guide. I am still learning to become a better human and meditator myself, each day that passes. I purely hope to share with you some of these lessons learned as a student, and empower you to cultivate your inner potential. So that together we can manifest a ripple effect of positive transformation that extends beyond individuals and reaches communities, ultimately weaving a sense of unity, understanding, and love among us all.

As a meditator, I have come to recognize the immense power of group meditation. While individual meditation holds its own transformative potential, the collective energy generated through group meditation amplifies its effects, creating a harmonious resonance that transcends the boundaries of the individual self. By giving birth to Meditaction, I strive to create spaces where individuals can come together, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs, to cultivate inner stillness and expand their capacity for manifesting positive action in the world. I believe that by developing a sense of community and shared purpose, we can co-create a world where meditation is not limited to individual practice but becomes a unifying force that ignites positive transformation on a collective scale - be it at home, at school, at the workplace or even in the political realm.

So I invite you, and those around you, to join us on this powerful journey of group meditation. And I wish you to have some fun in the process, because life is a game and we are here to play! Through the convergence of our hearts and minds, may we transcend personal limitations and manifest a world where peace, joy and kindness are present in every interaction.

Much love,

Tatiana Abreu, Meditaction founder
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